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Malama Kai Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to ocean stewardship for current and future generations through community service and public education. Founded in January 1991, Malama Kai Foundation raises funds and implements projects that help conserve Hawaiʻi’s coastal and marine resources, and educate people about these resources.

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What Is Malama Kai Foundation?

2011 is Malama Kai Foundation's 20th Anniversary!

As a 501(c)(3) publicly-supported non-profit organization, donations to Malama Kai Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Malama Kai Foundation has three primary purposes:

    • 1To sponsor charitable activities consisting of community service and education pertaining to ocean recreation and environmental protection;
    • 2To educate the public regarding stewardship and wise management of marine and coastal resources in order to guarantee their sustainability in perpetuity; and
    • 3To engage in or provide facilities for others to engage in activities that promote marine conservation.

Malama Kai Foundation means
"Stewardship of the Sea" in Hawaiian.

When Malama Kai Foundation was founded in 1991, its primary focus was the statewide day-use mooring program, public education, and community outreach. Since then, Malama Kai Foundation has expanded its capability to include other efforts that manage marine and coastal resources at the community level and protect important nearshore resources.

Over the years, Malama Kai Foundation has worked closely with State and Federal agencies, the University of Hawaiʻi, private businesses, and local communities to raise funds and carry out projects. Much of the organization’s work is undertaken by volunteers, while contractors are hired to carry out specific project components.

The Malama Kai Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors comprised of 6 members who contribute their time to the organization.

"Without Malama Kai Foundation, the reality of protecting Hawaii’s reefs, might still be a dream."
- Jack's Diving Locker

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