Diver attaching Mooring

We Welcome Donations!

Malama Kai Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to ocean stewardship for current and future generations through community service and public education. We rely on your support to keep our message going and appreciate any donation amount you can give and will put it to good work.

Our donation system is processed through PayPal and 100% secure using 128-bit encryption. Contact us with any questions.

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Any donation is greatly appreciated and will be put to work immediately. A list of donor names (with approval) by donation category will be shown on the Malama Kai Foundation website.

Suggested Categories of Support

  • $1-500

  • $501-1,000

  • $1,001-5,000

  • $5000+


  • Lauwiliwili-nukunuku-o'i-o'i (Butterfly Fish)

  • Humuhumu-nukunuku-apua'a (Triggerfish)

  • Honu (Sea Turtle)

  • 'Ilio-holo-i-ka-uaua (Hawaiian Monk Seal)




Donations May Be Earmarked As Follows...

Malama Kai Foundation Support
Donation will support administration (Executive Director), grant writing and fundraising activities, support of core programs of Malama Kai Foundation such as community education and coastal stewardship, permitting, website upkeep, and overall operational management of programs and projects. This donation category allows us the most flexibility to utilize your donation for the best purpose.

Special Donation: Day-Use Mooring Program
Learn more about this program
Donations purchase materials (new & replacement) and help reimburse volunteer expenses for installation, monitoring, and maintenance of day-use moorings. It currently costs about $410 for materials/per mooring plus $800 per mooring to install. Maintenance cost are about $1200 per day (boat, fuel, and crew). Typically 3 - 7 moorings can be maintained in a day. There are currently about 220 moorings statewide.

  1. Statewide Support
    Donation will support the statewide system as determined by Malama Kai Foundation. It will help with purchase and shipping costs of materials for all islands, grant writing for future funds, and general statewide management of the system.
  2. Island Specific Support
    Donation can be earmarked to support day-use moorings on a specified island or islands. Funds will be used only on the specified island or islands: Kaua'i, O'ahu, Maui, Lana'i, Hawai'i

Special Donation: Ocean Warriors Program
Learn more about this program
Donations help the kids with after school supplies, snacks and drinks, and other expenses that our not covered in grants.

Special Donation: Reef Talk
Learn more about this program
Donations fund this free lecture series in West Hawaii. It covers bringing Hawaii experts to speak to the West Hawaii community on a variety of topics. Reef Talk has been offered for more than a decade and supported by individual donations.