Board of Directors




M. Carolyn Stewart

President, Treasurer, Director

Ms. Stewart is the Vice President and a principal consultant for Marine and Coastal Solutions International, Inc., a small consulting firm specializing in planning, management and policy analysis for marine and coastal resources.

Between 1991 and 1999, she worked as a planning and policy analyst for the Hawaiʻi Coastal Zone Management Program. She has worked on numerous coastal and marine resources management projects locally and abroad, for government agencies and international organizations. Much of Ms. Stewart’s work has had an emphasis on polluted runoff control and watershed management.

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Teri Leicher

Vice-President, Director

Ms. Leicher is an owner of Jack’s Diving Locker, an ocean recreation company in Kailua-Kona. She has been active in coastal and reef protection issues in West Hawaiʻi and throughout Hawaiʻi for over 20 years, and played a key role in the development of the Hawaiʻi Day-Use Mooring Program and in the installation and maintenance of day-use moorings along the coast of West Hawaiʻi.

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David Tarnas

Secretary, Director

Mr. Tarnas is the former State Representative for the North Kona – South Kohala district of the Island of Hawaiʻi (1994 – 1998).  While in office, he served as the Chair of the House Committee on Ocean Recreation and Marine Resources.  

Prior to elected office, Mr. Tarnas was the University of Hawaiʻi Sea Grant Extension Service Agent for West Hawaiʻi.  He currently serves as the Director of Government Affairs for Merica International LLC, a group of companies specializing in forestry, renewable energy, and diversified agriculture, which is based in Waimea on the Island of Hawaiʻi.

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Terry O’Halloran


Mr. O’Halloran has over 30 years of executive experience in the ocean tourism and transportation industries and with ocean conservation in Hawaiʻi. He is currently President of Tourism Business Solutions LLC/Change Strategies & Innovation, an ocean resources management consulting firm.

Recently, Mr. O’Halloran was Director of Business Development for Hawaii Superferry and, prior to that, VP of Business Development for Atlantis Adventures. He also served as a member of the Marine Protected Areas Federal Advisory Committee and tourism representative on national marine spatial planning policy with Duke University’s Nicholas Institute.

In addition to his board duties, Mr. O’Halloran is serving as the Executive Director of Malama Kai Foundation.

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Jim Walsh


Mr. Walsh has been with Atlantis Submarines for 21 years. He started in the Cayman Islands as an entry level “Co-Pilot” (narrator/deckhand) and progressed through the training programs to become a certified Atlantis submarine pilot and boat captain. He was then promoted to Senior Pilot, in charge of the offshore operation, and Operations Manager, responsible for the safety, training and entire offshore and onshore maintenance operations. He is currently the General Manager of Atlantis Maui.

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George Wilkins

Director Emeritus 

Mr. Wilkins, a nuclear physicist and retired research scientist with the University of Hawaiʻi Institute of Geophysics, has been leading the search for freshwater sources along the Hawaiʻi coast using aerial infrared photography.

He helped introduce slant drilling for use in the Hawaiʻi shoreline environment for underground access from a Ke?hole Point shoreline facility to an underwater site 60+ feet depth just offshore to be used as conduits for cables and pipes.

Mr. Wilkins worked on a proposed underwater muon-neutrino telescope and a wide variety of resource assessment projects. He helped with the technical development of pin moorings for the Day-Use Mooring Buoy Project.

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